About Us


ALL GOOD was founded in 2014 by Simon Matthys & Julie Van den Kerchove, two professional raw food chefs who both passionately believe in the huge benefits of a primarily plant-based lifestyle high in fresh fruits and vegetables. Simon and Julie were trained at the Living Light Culinary Institute in California where they learned all about raw food cooking techniques, flavor balancing and the science of plant-based nutrition. After founding and working as the head chefs at the high-end restaurant Essence Cuisine, they decided to change courses and pioneer Belgium’s first homemade raw vegan product line by offering delicious plant-based snacks that are packed with energizing nutrients and vibrant flavors. And so ALL GOOD was born.

While studying to become a professional journalist, Julie was diagnosed with chronic glandular fever and advised that the only way for her to regain her health was to avoid stress (quite difficult if you’re constantly working to a deadline) and completely overhaul her diet and lifestyle. She started by cutting refined sugars, grains and dairy products from her diet, and gradually transitioned to a primarily plant-based lifestyle. It was during this search for optimal health that she discovered raw food. After experimenting with smoothies, juices and salads for a while, she started to see a dramatic change. Her energy levels went up, her skin cleared up and her immune system got stronger by the day. After a few months on a primarily plant-based lifestyle, Julie became totally convinced of the power of fresh fruits and vegetables for overall wellbeing and increased energy.

Simon was raised in a traditional Belgian household where meat, cheese and bread formed a large part of his diet. As an avid cyclist and runner, he was constantly looking to increase his energy levels and improve his sports performance. After meeting Julie and cleaning up his diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, he soon discovered the importance of fueling your body with the best foods possible. After several years of working full time as a construction engineer, he decided to swap the construction site for a high-speed blender.

Julie and Simon’s passion for delicious plant-based foods means they are continually exploring new flavors and developing new products for you to enjoy. Their goal with ALL GOOD is to provide convenient snacks that will fuel your body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform at its best. Are you ready to reset your daily eating habits and get your energy back? Now you can explore the many benefits of a primarily plant-based lifestyle with the help of our free nutritional information, simple recipes, and entertaining videos.